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Plastic Granulating, Pelletizing& Recycling Line

Product description


Recycling master for thermal plastic

INTEGRAN integrates shredding, extrusion and pelletizing into one compact machine. It is DK’s advanced solution for recycling of printed and non-printed PE, PP film, stretch film, non-woven, pre-shredded woven bags, shrink film, washed and dried film flakes from washing line.



Easy and continuous material feeding

Thanks to our special designed cutter compactor and smart-feeding control system, the material gets thoroughly cut, compacted and fraction heated to a temperature just under melting point, which enable a smooth and consistent feeding process for the following extruder and thus provides higher output capacity with lower energy consumption.


High performance extrusion

With years of research and improvement, INTEGRAN carries the latest screw and barrel from DK, which has the optimized intake section and smooth metering section. This result in best material processing quality and highest output.


Efficient degassing and filtration

Powerful double vacuum degassing system and big screen surface non-stop filter combination can easily remove the unwanted contamination and ensures the best possible end product quality.


Superior pellet quality

The innovative pelletizing system featuring the redesigned die plate and cutting device working together to transform the melt strands coming from the extruder into pill-shaped and uniform pellets which have greater value and are best for reproduction.


How INTEGRAN works




Feeding [1] of scraps is automatically controlled by DK’s intelligent feeding system which helps to prevent overfeeding. The material get shredded, compacted, dried and heated by the cutter compactor/agglomerator [2], reaching an ideal stat for further processing and then fed into the tangentially arranged extruder [3]. During extrusion, the small plastic flakes are plasticized, homogenized and degassed by vacuum degassing device [4]. Then the melt gets rid of the contamination easily thanks to the high efficiency non-stop filter [5]. Next, the melt is transformed into pellets in the pelletizer [6], cooled by water and then dried [7]. At last, the finished products are conveyed to a storage silo [8], ready for bagging.

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